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On The Road Again!

While the Farm Management Team is busy on the farms with the day to day of growing, processing and selling our coffee, the rest of us are gearing up for a busy few months of travel, tours and exciting events.

First up is our 2nd Group Cacao Farm tour in Belize. Our first tour back in May was a huge success and this 2nd tour is completely Sold Out, so we are really looking forward to hosting our next group of intrepid travelers and showing them around “Cacao Country” in Southern Belize.

This tour is on from Sept 8th to the 11th and once it is over we will schedule the next tour and let you all know the dates and details.

To get an idea of the itinerary involved, click the link below and read all about this upcoming tour.


Right after the tour is over, David Sewell and I will be flying into Dallas where we are attending The Real Estate Guys very unique and truly amazing Secrets of Successful Syndication Seminar.

This will be David’s 6th time attending and as a member of the faculty he will be sharing the story of our success with International Coffee Farms in Panama and now the Belize Cacao Consortium, and sharing some inside knowledge of how we do what we do.

There may also be an opportunity for you to participate and syndicate offshore agricultural real estate too!

However we are not just there to talk, we are there primarily to learn.

Russel Gray, co-host of the Real Estate Guys, often tells us “your network is your “net worth”.

In our humble opinion you will not find a better group of people to network with than the faculty and attendees at these events.

You will meet ordinary people who have put together extra-ordinary deals by implementing the training they received at these events.

If you are looking to learn how to syndicate deals or to do bigger deals faster, this could be the event for you. Click on the BANNER below to find out more and sign up today. We hope to see you there!

If you are an International Coffee Farms parcel Owner and you are attending this event in Dallas, please let us know.

We would love to meet you to get to know you all a bit better and we will have some distributions checks from the previous harvests that we will be presenting at the event.

We will also have some Specialty Coffee from Panama and some fine/flavor chocolate from Belize.

Just another great reason to attend!

So click the links and check out the events and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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Our mission is to own and operate fine flavor/organic cacao farms in Belize that are Environmentally, Economically and Socially Sustainable.

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