“I attended the Belizean Cacao Consortium (BCC) Investor Tour and experienced one of the most interesting and diverse real estate tours of my life. From cacao nurseries and production in Belize’s Toledo District to chocolate-making on Ambergris Caye, you can see that BCC has the right team in place to ensure success.

From banking to cacao tree pruning to providing Belizean workers with good benefits, BCC understands what it takes to prosper in Belize – social, economic, and environmental sustainability. I was impressed. Plus the chocolate tasted amazing.”

Keith W.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the team in Belize.  Not only did I learn a lot about the chocolate-making process, but I met some truly great people, including other like-minded real estate investors.  I left for the trip solo; I came back from the trip with many new friends.  My advice to others considering the tour: go, you’ll be glad you did!

Mark S.

What a “Sweet” Tour!

As a coffee farm parcel owner I was familiar with David and Darren’s operation and how they run things. However, when I visited the coffee farm it was just them and my family; I was not on a group tour. This was my first group tour and it was indeed “sweet” in many ways. First off they did a great job with the travel arrangements. It was logistically a difficult tour because of the multiple flights and ground transportation involved and it all went seamlessly-kudos to them on that.

Secondly, it was great to meet the entire team- from Andres to Armando to Cathy and Trevor, to everyone else, it was clear they all took great pride in their work and they provided a tremendous amount of education as well as great conversation.

It was enlightening to see the entire chocolate production process: from seed to bean to bar. I learned a tremendous amount about the chocolate business and chocolate making in general. I also love the fact that they run the entire operation just as they do their coffee operation with social sustainability in mind first and foremost!

Lastly, it was wonderful to meet some great like-minded investors and colleagues and hopefully future business associates. I highly recommend the tour for a great experience and a great time!

Eric F.

“The cacao farm tour to southern Belize with Belize Cacao Consortium was such an incredible experience! David and Darren provided a schedule full of education,
exploration, and excellent hospitality. The team is so knowledgeable and passionate about cacao! The trip was full of interesting and like-minded investors, many of which have been involved in residential real estate and are just branching out into agriculture.

We learned everything about how chocolate is made, from caring for the cacao trees, to harvesting the pods and the struggles local Belizean farmers have faced in the past to consistently sell their product within the time window necessary. The business model that BCC has successfully used for coffee in the past is now being implemented in the next big industry to come out of Belize — CACAO! It's an exciting opportunity.

The trip to Eladio Pop’s family jungle farm was the highlight of the weekend, as Eladio's energy and kindness are unforgettable. I’d highly recommend the BCC Farm Trip to anyone looking to learn more about an opportunity for a non-traditional investmentoutside the U.S. that is also rooted in social sustainability for the key providers — the farmers. The trip accommodations, food & festivities were excellent and authentically Belize. Thanks David & Darren, the team at Mahogany Chocolate, and everyone in between!”


The BCC tour gave me a sense that my potential investment was going to do more than just make some solid returns.  For most investments, anyone can sit and stare at a computer screen and analyze the numbers. Taking part in this trip allowed me to conduct proper due diligence with all of my senses.  Watching the process from nursery to chocolate shop, hearing all the animals sounds in the jungle or the waves at the resort beach, taking in all the aromas of the land and the chocolate shop, feeling the jungle humidity and the sun on my skin, and certainly tasting the fine quality, end product were absolutely the best parts of the trip.

The financial numbers show a promising investment, but it was the in-person, real-world experience that convinced me that this was a good deal. When I can shake a local farmer's rough hands, look into his eyes, hear his story, and see the sweat running down his face, I can tell he means business. When I can meet the crew that process and transport the beans, I can tell that they know what they are doing. When I can watch the Chocolatier and his staff work their magic, I can taste the quality of the product…literally.  Knowing that my investment is going to have secondary benefits to the community as a whole, only makes the deal even…….sweeter.

Austin M.
A bit about us…
Our mission is to own and operate fine flavor/organic cacao farms in Belize that are Environmentally, Economically and Socially Sustainable.

Come and join us on our journey!