The Opportunity

….. is for you to participate in the profits of a cash flowing Fine-Flavor/Organic Cacao Farm in Belize.

And to participate in the downstream profits of a wholesale cacao trading company and a 5-Star Artisanal Chocolate Store.


Initially, there are some very solid business reasons for you to consider, that we believe make owning parcels in a fine-flavor/organic cacao farm in Belize, a unique and attractive investment opportunity to diversify your portfolio.

1. Fine-flavor cacao is a proven high-value product…with sustainable and growing demand worldwide which well exceeds a variable and limited supply.

2. Belizean fine-flavor cacao is already world-renowned, in ever increasing demand and short supply. There is a global shortage on fine-flavor cacao as the demand in Asia explodes and people everywhere demand higher quality chocolate products.  The areas in southern Belize where our 3 farms are located are very well suited for growing cacao with very low production risk.

3. Toledo and Stann Creek in southern Belize is the Cacao heartland, with ample supply of technical and management expertise and farm labor, including many expert farm product suppliers and cacao distributors.

4. BCC’s Founders are experts in raising capital and applying it, along with its unique “Art of Cacao Science” program, to source, acquire and turn-around underperforming cacao farms. BCC has very valuable “boots on the ground” experience and developed relationships with local native Mayans, NGO Institutes, farmers and other highly-trained personnel.

5. BCC has established Mahogany Chocolate, a 5-star Artisanal Chocolate Store located in Mahogany Bay Village, a Curio Collection by Hilton branded 305 room resort hotel on Ambergris Caye, Belize, with an exclusive long-term contract to supply “truffle pillow” chocolates 365 days a year.

6. Our Executive Chocolatier Luis Armando Choco is native to Belize and has been working in the cacao industry for the last 15 years. His experience covers all aspects of the chocolate making process from “seed to bean to bar”. Armando is assuming full creative control over our delicious range of hand-made chocolate products.

7. As we said above, you own the parcel(s)…Deeded parcel ownership in titled operating cacao farms…an appreciating real hard asset, safe and secure, private and offshore.

8. Your parcel(s) are professionally operated for you…turnkey local expert management in-place. You earn a solid sustainable long-term passive income…with cash flow beginning within 12-15 months, averaging 11% annually, for a long period of time.  It is a legacy investment for your family and heirs.

9. And finally, one of the very important reasons we believe you should join our “Merry Band of Belizean Cacao Farmers” as a cacao farm parcel Owner, alongside BCC, is:

You are directly involved in improving the lives of the impoverished indigenous cacao farmers of Belize, by helping us to provide them good honest work, with living wages, medical and pension benefits and livable accommodations. We reserve 20% of the farm operating gross profits for our socially sustainable objectives.

If these 9 points make sense to you and you wish to proceed further with your due diligence, we will be pleased to send you a FREE comprehensive 12-page full color Ownership Summary of frequently asked questions as an overview of our BCC cacao farm parcel ownership opportunity. We hope this document comes in handy for you.

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A bit about us…
Our mission is to own and operate fine flavor/organic cacao farms in Belize that are Environmentally, Economically and Socially Sustainable.

Come and join us on our journey!