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What’s Happening In Belize This Weekend?

Our bags are packed and we are ready to go!

We are flying out to Belize today to host our next group cacao farm tour and to check in with our busy cacao team on the ground.

So much is going on right now with the Belize Cacao Consortium and our farming, trading and cacao products divisions, and we will be keeping you posted over the coming weeks and months.

So stay tuned!

Our tour starts on Friday when we meet all of our intrepid travelers in Belize International airport. We then fly to Punta Gorda in Southern Belize, the heart of cacao country, where our 3 cacao farms and processing facilities are located.

We have 2 action packed days there where we will visit our nursery to check on “our babies”. Tens of thousands of baby saplings are being prepared for planting season later this year.

We will get to visit all 3 of our farms where we will see a big transformation since our last group tour in September. Since then the farms have been cleaned, prepared and are now fully planted with 80,000 saplings.

Row upon row of newly planted saplings. Quite an impressive sight.

Marion Ramirez, our Regional Director, and his farm management team have been busy!

Neat rows of newly planted cacao saplings.

We will also visit our fermentation and drying depot where we are getting ready for another busy “bean buying” season which is just about to begin.

Last year we bought and processed 21 MT’s (metric tonnes) of cacao. This season we are looking at over 50 MT’s.

This will be needed to complete the orders we have in place with some of Europe’s leading chocolate makers who for years have been unable to source a consistent, steady supply of high quality Belizean cacao beans.

Within our first 11 months of operations, we are proud to say that we can now make this happen.

Over the last few weeks we have signed up 154 Maya cacao farmers to our Bean Buying program. We can now supply them with a reliable buyer (us) for their beans, paying above the market price. Our Socially Sustainable Sapling program will supply them with much needed saplings, at no cost to them, so that they can plant out their farms.

This will enable them to fully plant their farms so they can grow enough beans to earn a decent living while supplying us with the cacao we need to meet the unfulfilled demand.

As we said from the beginning…”A rising tide floats all boats”!

Maya farmers signing up to our bean buying program.

While we are in Punta Gorda we will also have an opportunity to visit one of our socially sustainable community projects.

On November 19th the country and people of Belize celebrate the national holiday of Garifuna Settlement Day.

To commemorate this proud and historical 19th Century event the Belize Cacao Consortium adopted a common area along the waterfront and created the “Peini Park and Landing” for the people of Belize and more particularly the residents of Punta Gorda and Cattle Landing.

The “I Love Peini” sign was erected at the entrance of Punta Gorda and this sign has rapidly become a social monument seen by many people around the globe. The palapa building at the very end of the landing is multi-purpose and is being used for drumming lessons, yoga classes, study sessions, group gatherings and soon will see a few chocolate tastings as we launch new and exciting products. More on that later..

“Peini” is not only the name of our farming division, Peini Cacao Plantation Ltd., but it is also the Garifuna word for Punta Gorda. Punta Gorda (“Peini”) is populated mostly by the Maya and the Garifuna, proud & industrious people living in complete harmony in Belize. Both cultures have become an integral part of our success here at Belize Cacao Consortium.

We are delighted to be able to contribute to the community and during our tour we will be taking our attendees to Peini Park and Landing to see it for themselves.

If you are ever in Punta Gorda please pop by for a visit and send your “I Love Peini selfies” our way!

Our Belize team at Peini Park and Landing.

Next up on Monday, our 4th day, we fly to Ambergris Caye for the final day of our tour. Our chocolate store and kitchen, Mahogany Chocolate, is located in Mahogany Bay Resort & Beach Club, a Curio Collection by Hilton in San Pedro.

This resort will have 305 rooms when fully developed.

On December 6th 2017 the resort officially opened its 1st 105 rooms and we have proudly been supplying boxes of 9 of our delicious chocolate truffles to each and every guest upon arrival.

Our tour attendees will be treated to a complete “seed to bean to bar” chocolate making workshop by our Executive Chocolate Maker, Armando Choco.

During this class they will see the raw cacao beans turned into amazing fine flavour chocolate in front of their eyes. They will even get to make their own custom chocolate bars!

You don’t get that on most “real estate” tours!

To find out more about how you can attend a future tour and how you can become a parcel Owner, visit our website at //

Or give us a call on our Toll-Free number 877-208-7988.

We look forward to seeing you in Belize and hearing from you soon.

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